About Us

Andrea Colt grew up with an evil twin, many pets, and a love of laughter and cheese. She majored in something useful, then promptly turned to writing novels instead.

She lives just outside of Washington DC, and makes yearly vows to explore the city more thoroughly. Maybe this is the year! She wrote this bio sitting at the Panda Overlook at the National Zoo.

Her middle school mascot was the wildcat, her high school mascot the patriot, and her college mascot the terrapin.

In her elementary years, Andrea and her sister (the aforementioned evil twin) loved to read so much their Montessori school had to limit the amount of time per day they could spend reading fiction (two hours) so they might also learn things like math and how to build a log cabin. Luckily, mythology counted as non-fiction!

Andrea and her sister had stuffed koalas who argued all the time (egged on by the twins’ dad), and also a stable of model horses who got up to drama you would not even believe. Eventually growing up got in the way of anthropomorphism and story-telling, but in college, needing a creative outlet to balance her mechanical engineering studies, Andrea started writing novels. They were awful.

My muses
Nevertheless, she kept writing, and gradually her novels improved. Several years later, she published one! (see My Books)

Andrea also dabbles in graphic design, mostly for silly things, some of which you can find in her store. Her twin sister Vicki (still as delightfully evil as ever) is the real artist; visit her here.

The twins also collaborate on a story app for kids. Wild Fables (available for the iPhone, iTouch and iPad) is a collection of interactive retellings of Aesop’s Fables.

See, those myths Andrea was forced to read instead of novels came in handy after all!


If you are still reading, I’m impressed (or worried you might be a stalker) and also tired of writing about myself in third person. What else can I tell you? I like silly poems, often in limerick form, and during college my sister and I once spent an entire summer at (separate) boring internships emailing each other limericks to keep from falling asleep. She’d write the first two lines, and it was up to me to finish it and start a new one. Repeat forever. I still have those limericks 🙂

I would be absolutely lost without my writer friends, nearly all of whom I met online. They are my rocks and my cheerleaders, and this writing thing would be so much harder without them (and you, new friend!).

Anyway, thanks for stopping by, and feel free to keep poking around, write me a poem, draw me an animal, or chat with me on Twitter (@Andrea_Colt). Here’s my Facebook author page. You can also email me at andrealynncolt (at) gmail (dot) com. I’d love to hear from you!